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External Affairs
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Our Approach

CO2 emissions reduction goal in line with the Paris Climate Agreement

We seek insight from various stakeholder groups to inform FirstEnergy’s strategies, programs and policies on a variety of issues. Our External Affairs organization executes a comprehensive stakeholder engagement process across our service areas. Through this process, we actively discuss energy-related matters with local, state and federal policymakers, as well as consumer advocates, peer utilities, customers, investors and non-governmental organizations. We remain committed to open and honest dialogue as we continue to deliver safe and reliable electricity.

We recognize that some stakeholder groups are particularly interested in our strategies and lobbying activities regarding climate change. We engage with federal and state legislators, regulators, customers and other stakeholders to facilitate an open and constructive dialogue on changing market conditions, and appropriate measures required to maintain high-quality service for our customers. This includes potential situations that could result in a reduced carbon economy consistent with the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change. Our corporate goal to reduce CO2 emissions from our generation fleet by 90% by 2045 is a guiding principle in our consideration of climate change. Additionally, we believe that FirstEnergy’s lobbying actions are consistent with the Paris Agreement. We consider the lobbying positions of organizations and their alignment with our corporate CO2 reduction goal when determining our membership.

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