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Our Approach

At FirstEnergy, we’re focused on providing value to our customers. That commitment extends beyond delivering safe, reliable power to our efforts to offer a range of products and services that bring greater comfort, convenience, security and productivity to our customers’ lives. We’re leveraging our industry experience and energy delivery expertise to meet our customers’ growing needs in areas such as home energy management, smart lighting, energy efficiency and electrification. Our vision is to become our customers’ most trusted resource for a range of energy-related solutions and a leader in providing products and services that meet their evolving preferences and expectations.

Products and Services Offerings

We are building on our long-standing commitment to customers by developing a portfolio of products and services designed to meet their needs. This continues to include offerings available through our operating companies, such as warranty, maintenance and repair services, which feature convenient on-bill payment options. It also includes new offerings, such as single-point devices for home energy-related products. We have created a user-friendly online marketplace that presents and bundles these home energy management solutions with customer expectations in mind. This platform also offers beneficial tools, such as learning libraries and educational blogs, that provide customers with valuable guidance and advice.

We believe we have a responsibility to educate customers and help them navigate the ever-changing landscape of energy-related providers and manufacturers. Our goal to provide solutions for their home energy management needs is made possible by our marketing research team. Their customer engagement efforts and in-depth studies provide meaningful feedback that informs our strategies for developing future products and services. As we look ahead, we’ll leverage that customer feedback to curate and grow our offerings and position our marketplace as an increasingly useful customer tool.

FirstEnergy Advisors

FirstEnergy Advisors was launched in 2019 to help commercial, industrial and municipal customers identify the best, most cost-effective energy services and supply options available to meet their needs. Consulting and brokerage services currently are available in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Over the next several years, we will work to expand FirstEnergy Advisors’ services to businesses and communities in other states.

As the energy industry continues to evolve, FirstEnergy Advisors is well-positioned to help customers understand and take advantage of the ever-increasing number of choices available to them. Whether it’s soliciting sources of renewable or carbon-free power to meet sustainability goals, advising on flexible supply or time-of-use arrangements, or assessing energy storage and electrification options, FirstEnergy Advisors can help customers effectively navigate their choices.

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