Launched in February of 2021, FE Forward is focused on transforming how FirstEnergy operates by identifying opportunities to enhance our organization, focus on performance excellence and refocus our investment strategy. By restructuring our organization, streamlining and centralizing our processes and practices, and implementing more modern tools, FE Forward is reshaping our company as we strive to emerge as a premier utility.

For example, our new five-state operating model and corresponding changes to our organizational structure are designed to centralize decision-making, leading to greater consistency across the company. The model enables us to streamline efforts and make it easier for teams to develop and implement business solutions.

In addition, our centralized and strategic Customer Experience function is helping drive improvements essential to our customer-focused strategic objectives: delivering a modern digital customer experience, accelerating widespread electrification, providing sustainable products and solutions, and focusing on customer affordability. 

FirstEnergy expects that FE Forward will be a significant catalyst to augment its growth potential by taking a more strategic approach to operating expenditures and reinvesting in opportunities that better serve our customers, act on our EESG initiatives and support our Climate Strategy as we transition to a smarter, cleaner electric grid.  

FE Forward by the Numbers

More than 650 employees leading change initiatives 

8 workstreams 

All business units 

150 million planned investment 

Last Modified: November 7, 2022