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Message from the CEO and Board Committee Chair

Energy for a Brighter Future

FirstEnergy’s commitment to corporate responsibility takes many forms—from reducing the environmental impact of our operations and upholding high standards for corporate governance, to advancing employee and public safety while building a diverse and inclusive work environment. Our commitment is founded on the belief that our customers, communities and company all benefit from these efforts.

As we implement our strategies for long-term, customer-centered growth, we remain actively engaged with customers, investors, environmentalists, regulators, policymakers and others to consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters. We are committed to continuing this open and honest dialogue as we transition to a cleaner, smarter and more sustainable energy future.

In support of that commitment, we’re reducing the environmental impact of our operations as we continue to build, strengthen and modernize our vast transmission and distribution system. In 2015, we set an aggressive goal to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions companywide by at least 90% below 2005 levels by 2045. As of the end of 2018, we had reduced our CO2 emissions by 62%, putting us on track to achieve our goal.

We are driving the direction and implementation of our corporate responsibility strategy at the highest levels of our organization. Our Board recently expanded the responsibilities of the Corporate Governance and Corporate Responsibility Committee comprising independent directors who provide oversight to management on ESG issues. At the leadership level, we established a cross-functional, executive-led steering committee focused on these strategies.

We’re dedicated to the prosperity and vitality of our communities through our support of economic development efforts to create jobs and attract new businesses to our service area. The resources of FirstEnergy and the FirstEnergy Foundation, combined with the energy and enthusiasm of our employees, provide essential support to help build stronger, more successful communities where our customers and employees live and work.

We are pleased to present our Corporate Responsibility Report as part of our commitment to providing our customers, communities and investors with Energy for a Brighter Future.


Charles E. Jones
President and CEO

Julia L. Johnson
Board Committee Chair,
Corporate Governance and
Corporate Responsibility

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