Engaging with stakeholders is essential to meeting our customers’ needs and achieving our vision for a more diverse, innovative and sustainable FirstEnergy. We engage with a wide range of stakeholders, including employees, customers, investors, non-governmental organizations and others. These engagement efforts help us to build important relationships, capture different perspectives and inform our strategies, programs and policies on a number of issues.



At FirstEnergy, we strive to communicate clearly and openly with our stakeholders. The engagement efforts described below help ensure we operate with the needs and concerns of our employees, customers, investors, community members and others in mind.

Employees: We recognize that our employees are what ultimately drive our strategy, culture and company forward. With robust employee engagement, we can effectively attract, develop, engage and retain a diverse, high-performing workforce that is motivated to contribute to FirstEnergy’s success. Visit our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and our Talent Management and Employee Development pages to learn more.

Suppliers: We thoughtfully engage with our suppliers to help improve their performance and achieve our vision for a diverse, sustainable and highly ethical Supply Chain that drives business unit success and creates value for FirstEnergy. Visit our Sustainable Supply Chain page to learn more.

Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs): We recognize the importance of engaging with various entities on a range of topics, including clean energy, electrification, energy efficiency and environmental stewardship. Visit our Innovation and Research and Biodiversity and Conservation pages to learn about research studies and partnerships that are enabling FirstEnergy to be a more sustainable, innovative and industry-leading organization.

Investors: We believe it’s crucial to engage regularly with our investors to help ensure we consider, and effectively address, the topics that matter most to them. Visit our Board Governance page to learn more about the Board’s shareholder engagement efforts.

Customers:  We are committed to providing safe, reliable electricity while making our customers’ lives brighter. We strive to provide a best-in-class customer experience by continuing to identify opportunities to enhance and improve our existing services while also anticipating future customer requests and technology needs. Visit our Customer Experience and Energy Management and Efficiency pages to learn more.

Communities: We believe the greater good is better business and seek to develop sustainable relationships with nonprofit partners to advance our philanthropic and stewardship goals. Financial investments are leveraged to build stronger, healthier and more vibrant communities. Visit our Public Safety, Foundation & Corporate Giving and Employee Volunteerism pages to learn more.

As an electric company obligated to provide reliable and affordable power to customers, FirstEnergy has a legitimate stake in public policy outcomes and a responsibility to advocate for public policy issues that impact the company and its stakeholders. Visit our Political and Public Policy Engagement page to learn more about our company’s advocacy efforts, including our robust oversight and disclosures.


Last Modified: June 7, 2024