We support the long-term economic health of the communities we serve through development initiatives that create jobs, support local suppliers and attract new businesses throughout our service area.

Our strategy is built on developing and maintaining relationships with economic development partners at state, regional, national and international levels. Coupled with our economic development expertise, these relationships help us to retain and attract businesses to our service territory, encourage investment in the areas we serve and provide value-added services and support to help our communities thrive.

Our Economic Development team also serves customers and communities by helping to promote business development and job growth across our service area. Building on our strong economic development track record, we strive to create $25 billion in cumulative economic impact across our service area from 2020 to 2025.

Recognized as one of the nation’s leading utilities in promoting large-scale development, FirstEnergy is poised to support new residential, commercial and industrial growth – including the power-intensive needs of data centers in our region. Working closely with state, regional and local economic development organizations, FirstEnergy proudly facilitates economic development efforts to help communities across our footprint grow and thrive.

FirstEnergy provides:

Site Location Assistance

With access to extensive data about our six-state service territory, FirstEnergy can help businesses find that winning combination of assets, including market access, nearby suppliers, transportation services, fair tax rates, a trained workforce and a competitive energy plan.

Customized Energy Plan

With our recently announced $26 billion investment plan across our six-state distribution and transmission system between 2024 and 2028, FirstEnergy is forging a smarter, more secure and reliable grid that can accommodate electric vehicles, the electrification of businesses and clean energy sources. With FirstEnergy’s more localized, state operating model, we are better equipped to provide businesses with the specialized energy plan that they need, including renewable components. 

Secure Transmission

FirstEnergy’s transmission operations include approximately 24,000 miles of lines and two regional transmission operation centers. We continue working to upgrade or replace existing power lines, incorporate new, smart technology into the grid, and upgrade substations with new equipment and enhanced security features. The upgrades include built-in redundancies that keep the power flowing, as well as diagnostic equipment that detects problems early.

To learn more, visit our Economic Development website, which acts as a self-service hub, enabling our prospective customers to access the information they need quickly, conveniently and intuitively.





Last Modified: June 7, 2024