Integrity is as foundational to our business as safety. All our leaders and employees play a critical role in creating an environment where our business practices are consistent with our values - helping individuals do the right thing and treating our coworkers, customers and communities with respect. An ethics and compliance key performance indicator component for all non-bargaining, non-physical employees in our annual incentive compensation program drives employee accountability and reinforces the importance of a strong culture of ethics and integrity. The Office of Ethics and Compliance (OEC) oversees organization-wide compliance, assurance, training and communications.

org chart showing vp and CECO with three direct reports



We are focused on embedding a culture of uncompromising integrity and ethical behavior throughout the company. Key efforts include:

  • Centralizing compliance assurance activities within a single organization under the leadership of the Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer.
  • Building strong compliance processes, policies and controls.
  • Strengthening the channels for concern reporting and further maturing our processes to address concerns.
  • Seeking continuous improvement by monitoring, benchmarking and incorporating an independent assessment of our program.
  • Increasing transparency and accountability around FirstEnergy's political and public policy engagement.

Pleaes see our Investor FactBook to read more about the key steps we've completed to create a leading ethics and compliance program.

Centralized Compliance Approach

  Graphic showing Prevention Detection and Correction  



FirstEnergy's Code of Conduct, The Power of Integrity, lays the foundation for what we expect from all employees, regardless of their role. It reflects our collective commitment to keep integrity at the forefront of everything we do – a pledge underscored by our refreshed mission statement and core values​. 

The Power of Integrity applies to all FirstEnergy employees, officers and directors, regardless of role, seniority or tenure at the company. Anyone whose actions are found to be inconsistent with the expectations in The Power of Integrity will be held accountable and may be subject to disciplinary action.

Our employees are all responsible for understanding and following The Power of Integrity. By adhering to the expectations in this Code, always acting with integrity and speaking up when something doesn't seem right, we are paving the way for a strong future for FirstEnergy. 



We are implementing more robust, best-practice approaches to training and communicating with employees on ethics and compliance issues. Our renewed approaches will help ensure consistent understanding and implementation of expectations.

The Office of Ethics and Compliance leads training on processes, policies and controls we have in place, such as the Code of Conduct, gifts and entertainment requirements, conflicts of interest and reporting concerns.

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