Celebrating Employees Who Light the Way 

When it comes to living our company culture and practicing responsible business, we turn to our employees for inspiration. At FirstEnergy, we believe we are more than an electric company. We are 12,000 employees with the power to be a catalyst for good – a diverse and talented team accomplishing remarkable things every day. 

Our employees are doing more than bringing our customers energy for the here and now. They are powering exciting opportunities for all that lies ahead. And we're investing in them – so they can invest in the communities where they live, work and play. 

Green Teams

From park beautification and pollinator gardens to recycling utility poles and planting community gardens, our employees are giving their time and talents to preserve and protect the environment. 


Victor Coleman, External Affairs Consultant:

Dr. V is inspiring kids and adults in our community to do great things and be even greater people.

Recognizing Employee Excellence

FirstEnergy employees are doing great things for the company and in the communities we serve – from developing ways to work smarter; to fostering a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion; to saving someone from a dangerous situation. We're lighting the way in more ways than one and shining a light on these phenomenal employees. 

FirstEnergy Hero Awards

The FirstEnergy Hero Awards program was introduced in early 2015 to recognize deserving individuals or groups who have gone above and beyond to help someone in need through a heroic act of courage and compassion. To date, 53 employee heroes have been recognized. A selection committee representing business units across the company reviews nominations and recommends a slate of nominees to President and CEO Brian Tierney for final approval of Gold, Silver, Bronze and Honorable Mention award recipients. In 2023, the following FirstEnergy employees were recognized:


Steve McLaughlin, Line Serviceman, Ohio Edison Warren Line Dept

Steve saved the life of his neighbors, an airplane pilot and son who crashed in the front yard of his home. He used fire extinguishers from his truck to hold back the flames and pulled the pilot and his son from the wreckage before the plane was completely consumed with fire. 


Thane Wolford, Regional Dist. Systems Operator West, Ohio Edison

Thane was reading a meter at an Akron residence when a teenager jumped into a nearby pool and began to drown. While someone else called 911, Thane jumped in the pool and saved the boy from drowning.  


Bryan Blankenship, Underground Electrician, The Illuminating Company

While working an overtime assignment, Bryan and his partner stopped to take their meal break. When another guest started choking, Bryan jumped up and performed the Heimlich maneuver to dislodge the piece of food stuck in the diner's throat.

Zach Piper, Lineworker A, Penelec

During a December church service, an elderly woman sitting next to Zach fell unconscious. Zach reacted immediately by laying her down in the aisle and performing CPR. With the help of another church attendee, Zach managed to bring her back to consciousness.

Gerard Weis, Distribution Technician Substation IV, JCP&L

A former EMT, Gerard recognized quickly when, during a phone call, a coworker was experiencing a medical emergency, which turned out to be a stroke. Gerald stayed on the phone with his coworker while the JCP&L Distribution Control Center in Morristown, New Jersey, helped EMS services locate him, making sure he received prompt medical attention.


Billie Minninger, HR Representative III Akron/Fairlawn

Upon discovering that a coworker was living in a car with few belongings, Billie offered her coworker a home and helped find affordable housing, medical services and free car repair to help her get a new start.

Sue Peffley, Senior Business Analyst

When a cyclist lost control of his bike and crashed, Sue immediately stopped, activating her hazard lights to slow advancing traffic, and got out of her vehicle to see if the cyclist was okay. Suzi stayed with the cyclist until his wife arranged for an ambulance to transport him, then drove his wife to the hospital as well.

Values in Action

FirstEnergy's core values are shared by everyone in the organization and encompass what matters most to us. They guide the decisions we make, inspire the actions we take and shine a light on who we aspire to be in the future. Our Values in Action series is an internal recognition program that features teams and employees who are living our values within our company and the communities we serve. 


Last Modified: June 7, 2024