We’re investing in smart technologies for homes and cities to help customers manage their energy consumption and expenses. 

Smart Meters

Smart meters use state-of-the-art technologies that ensure accurate readings while providing customers with information they need to better manage their electricity use. FirstEnergy has already installed millions of smart meters throughout our service territory as we work toward our goal to equip approximately 80% of our customers with this powerful tool by 2026. Looking forward, smart meters may also enhance our ability to respond to outages and restore power faster and more efficiently. Visit our Smart Meters page to learn more.

We are striving for ~80% of FirstEnergy customers to have smart meters by 2026.


Smart Cities

Cities are using innovative technologies to improve sustainability and promote energy efficiency, offering their residents a better, smarter way of living. FirstEnergy is excited to partner with cities like Erie, Pennsyvlania, and others throughout our footprint to install smart LEDs that make communities brighter, safer and more inviting for our customers to live, work, shop and learn.

When cities partner with us to install smart LEDs, we can monitor the smart streetlights through the network to determine if a light is burned out, remains illuminated during daylight hours or is not operating at its proper voltage. This means we can resolve lighting issues without relying solely on residents and employees to report burned-out lamps or other problems. In addition, the network controls also allow specific streetlights to be brightened outside bars and theaters to keep patrons safe late at night or dimmed for special events such as fireworks. 



Last Modified: June 1, 2023