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Innovative Products and Services

Our Approach

Making our customers’ lives brighter requires us to keep apprised of the latest industry, technology and customer trends and anticipate what’s next.

A number of trends—including distributed generation, smart homes, smart cities and big data—are changing the energy game, and utilities that fail to respond properly risk losing their customers to others who can better meet their needs. Across our company, we are working to create a culture of innovation that fosters new, sustainable platforms for growth. We must be open, curious and willing to learn from people and organizations whose backgrounds and views differ from ours. This diversity of thought and experience can help provide an array of options and solutions for complex problems. We leverage the diversity of our customers and employees to help us understand, assess and solve problems that drive positive business results.

FirstEnergy’s Products Innovation team has created a companywide roadmap featuring two areas of focus for building and advancing a culture of innovation. First, the team focuses on absorbing the practices and principles of Innovation Engineering. Our goal is to educate our employees to help solve problems and find answers that best serve our customers and company. Second, we continuously look to the technological horizon for future growth opportunities. We are focused on augmented reality and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain and 5G technologies. Being on the forefront of these new, innovative technologies can help create and enable a forward-thinking culture.

Products and Services Offerings

FirstEnergy has always offered a range of products and services that bring greater comfort, convenience, security and productivity to our customers’ lives. We are building on that legacy through a portfolio of offerings designed to better meet our customers’ evolving preferences and expectations.

Smartmart by FirstEnergy is a marketplace for fresh, innovative products and services that can help our customers live smarter and provide greater peace of mind by helping them make more informed energy decisions.

Our marketing research team is determining the demand for, and market feasibility of, new products. Results from their study will further inform our strategies as we develop new products and services for our customers.

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