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Living Our Mission

Employee-Driven Initiatives

The Living Our Mission initiative is driven by a diverse group of approximately 50 employees who are considering new ways in which we can support our mission statement. The teams participated in innovation sessions in 2018 and are now rolling out initiatives based on the four pillars of our mission.

The Employee Pillar team is developing new ways for employees to learn about the company's strategy and goals to help them understand how their work contributes to our success. By staying informed of our strategic focus—what matters to us, what we measure, what success looks like—employees remain aligned with FirstEnergy’s goals.

The Community Pillar team prioritized the idea of a volunteer program for employees. In 2019, FirstEnergy provided non-bargaining, non-physical employees with 16 hours of annual VTO to support 501(c)(3) charities in their communities. The majority of our workforce will receive the same number of VTO hours in 2020. Additional incentive programs for employees to volunteer in their communities will be implemented in 2020.

The Environmental Pillar team implemented a waste reduction initiative and is working toward removal of polystyrene cups from all company locations. Additionally, this team implemented a centralized waste system to encourage employees to think about the waste they produce. This initiative will continue to rollout through 2020.

The Customer Pillar team is working on a project focused on improving our communications with customers by providing more transparency and up-to-date information regarding new business work orders.

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In 2019, we launched an employee waste reduction initiative that included removing polystyrene and single-use plastics from our corporate breakrooms and food services. We also kicked off a centralized waste program at our corporate headquarters to demonstrate how employee actions—even on a small scale—can make a big difference in our environmental impact. Moving forward, we plan to expand these programs across the company.


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