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Environmental Compliance

Our Approach

FirstEnergy’s Environmental group has developed extensive compliance programs to help prevent incidents that could jeopardize our ability to protect the air, water, land and wildlife in our service territory. FirstEnergy is subject to federal, state and local environmental regulations, including but not limited to those related to the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, Endangered Species Act and the Coal Combustion Residual Rule.

Some of FirstEnergy’s key environmental management strategies include implementation and clear communication of environmental practices; root cause analysis of incidents and companywide application of corrective actions; and field assessments designed to elevate awareness and improve risk identification.

In addition, our Environmental group works closely with organizations throughout our company during the development and planning phases of any applicable construction project to assess the need for federal, state or local permitting requirements. Obtaining the needed permits in a timely manner supports effective project execution.

Notice of Violations and
environmental excursions1











1An environmental excursion or NOV is any regulatory reportable air emission, water discharge or other unauthorized release that exceeds a facility’s environmental permits. NOVs can be issued by regulatory agencies for violations of an environmental law or regulation. NOVs and environmental excursions are evaluated internally for KPI tracking.

Accountability and
Employee Incentives

FirstEnergy manages environmental compliance through Board committee oversight and by including environmental excursions and Notice of Violations (NOV) in our Operations KPIs. Our environmental excursions and NOV KPI metric tracks any regulatory reportable air emission, water discharge or other unauthorized release that exceeds applicable environmental limitations, conditions and deadlines set by federal, state or local regulations. Our threshold, target and stretch goals for this metric are based on our previous year’s performance, and the stretch goal is designed to encourage significant improvement in our commitment to making the environment better. The inclusion of these environmental metrics in our Operations KPIs enhances employees’ awareness and attention to environmental compliance and drives continuous improvement across all areas of our business.

Drones Provide Quick and Non-Invasive ServiceShare icon

At FirstEnergy, our pilots are flying more than airplanes and helicopters—a team of licensed operators is now using drones to perform a variety of inspections and other maintenance work throughout our six-state territory.

From inspecting the nests of protected birds of prey to assessing damage following severe weather, the company’s drone team is finding new, non-invasive ways to improve work practices and mitigate climbing exposure using the technology. The team pilots hundreds of missions each year, including:

  • Evaluating substations as part of a program to prioritize and replace wooden poles
  • Inspecting osprey nests that are situated on utility poles and power equipment
  • Examining equipment damage and construction progress after a gas explosion destroyed several transmission towers in western Pennsylvania
  • Identifying more than 200 necessary repairs following the March 2018 nor’easter storms

Environmental Programs

FirstEnergy’s Environmental group maintains an extensive portfolio of environmental compliance programs.

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