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Our Climate Story

We believe climate change is among the most important issues of our time, and we’re committed to doing our part to ensure a bright and sustainable future for the communities we serve. Through the diligent execution of our climate strategy, we will work toward achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, which we view as a key step in meeting the climate challenge and building a sustainable energy future for the next generation. In addition, we have a responsibility to our stakeholders to proactively mitigate the company’s climate change risks and capitalize on emerging opportunities in a carbon-neutral economy—all while meeting the changing needs of our diverse customer base.

Our climate strategy demonstrates our accountability to our climate position and is a major driver of our efforts to modernize our transmission and distribution systems, support widespread electrification and incorporate emerging smart technologies. Our strategy includes:

  • protecting and enhancing our transmission system to enable a clean-energy and carbon-neutral future.
  • building a technologically advanced distribution platform that improves grid reliability and resiliency while also enabling our company and customers to support a carbon-neutral economy through efforts such as electrification.
  • committing to a thoughtful transition of our regulated coal generation fleet, while being innovative and forward-thinking as we explore near-term opportunities to reduce emissions, incorporate renewable resources and implement emerging technologies that support our company’s mission. This includes a goal to own at least 50 MW of solar generation in West Virginia by 2025. 
  • integrating carbon pricing into our financial forecasting, advocating for regulatory and legislative policies that support our efforts toward a carbon-neutral future and driving innovative cross-functional initiatives such as our Responsible Replacement program, through which employees identify opportunities to modify our business practices and asset replacement strategies to be more environmentally responsible. These and other important corporate services objectives are integrated into the long-term planning processes for our business units to support our climate strategy.
Our GHG Goal: 30% reduction from a 2019 baseline by 2030, and carbon neutral by 2050.

As part of our climate strategy, we plan to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, with an interim goal to reduce our companywide Scope 1 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 30% from our 2019 baseline by 2030. To achieve this goal, we will:

Oversight, accountability and risk mitigation of our climate strategy and greenhouse gas reduction goal occur at the highest levels of our company, where our Board of Directors, Corporate Governance and Corporate Responsibility Board Committee, executive-level steering committee and business unit leadership guide our efforts. Additionally, employees throughout the company participate in executing our climate strategy and play a key role in helping us to meet our objectives.

We encourage you to read the details of our Climate Strategy, Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) report and Climate Report.

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