Inspired by open and ongoing dialogue with diverse stakeholders, FirstEnergy is experiencing a period of growth and renewal. We are embracing pivotal changes within our operations and culture that are energizing our company as we further our transformation into a forward-thinking, premium utility. 

Guided by our core values, we are focused on building a diverse workforce whose business practices are centered on a best-in-class ethics and compliance program. Together, we are cultivating a safe and inclusive company culture where all employees – regardless of role, seniority or tenure – feel empowered and motivated to raise concerns, ask questions and contribute their thoughts and ideas.

Throughout this cultural transformation, FirstEnergy has maintained strong operational and financial performance, leaving us well positioned to capitalize on long-term, sustainable investments designed to serve over 6 million customers' evolving energy needs while growing value for shareholders. Our sustainable investment plan targets 75% formula rate recovery and aligns our annual rate base growth and earnings growth rate with premium utilities, leading to a competitive dividend and investment-grade credit ratings, while focusing on growing cash from operations consistent with earnings.

FirstEnergy Strategy

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FE Forward initiatives continue to modernize our company – driving us to enhance business practices and accelerate our digital transformation. Building on our proven track record of safety and performance excellence, we're developing ways to increase efficiency and optimize how we manage our assets and resources, while maintaining a sharp focus on customer satisfaction and service reliability.

Using a data-driven approach, we're building a best-in-class customer experience that will help them explore renewable energy choices, adopt electric vehicles, manage energy use, report outages and navigate payment assistance programs. We're also improving customer interactions with our contact centers and multiple digital channels, expanding payment options and continuing to support our low-income customers' needs throughout the transition to a reduced carbon future.

Dedicated to continual improvement and innovation, FirstEnergy is poised to unlock significant growth opportunities that are embedded in a decarbonized economy. We've identified significant long-term infrastructure investment opportunities to enhance our transmission system and support our role in the clean energy transition, including investments that facilitate electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, renewable energy integration, grid reliability and resiliency.

With renewed commitment to transparency, compliance and ethics, and unwavering commitment to our customers, FirstEnergy is positioned to emerge as an industry-leader, lighting the way toward a low carbon future and continued success.





Last Modified: June 1, 2023