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Corporate Responsibility
at FirstEnergy

Our Approach

Built on our mission statement, FirstEnergy’s corporate responsibility strategy to inform, engage and achieve results is rooted in our foundation of strong corporate governance practices and policies that promote transparency and accountability. Our forward-thinking strategy helps our company be sustainable and accountable to ourselves and our stakeholders; be conscious of the impact we have on our internal and external stakeholders; and operate in ways that enhance the environment and the communities in which we live and work.

As a demonstration of our commitment to corporate responsibility and ESG issues, FirstEnergy’s Corporate Responsibility team is focused on these topics and is overseen by the company’s senior vice president of Strategy. The team strives to embed corporate responsibility into our company culture, develop initiatives that support our strategic plan and ensure that we are sustainable into the future.

“This report and the company’s related disclosures demonstrate our ongoing commitment to strong corporate governance and social responsibility. This commitment extends beyond products and services to include economic, social and environmental initiatives in our service area.”

Corporate Responsibility Management

To ensure the transparency, accountability and relevancy of our corporate responsibility initiatives, FirstEnergy has both Board and executive-level oversight.

FirstEnergy’s Board has an established and engaged committee responsible for oversight of the company’s corporate responsibility strategy. The Corporate Governance and Corporate Responsibility Committee comprises independent directors and typically meets five times per year to discuss updates on issues related to corporate responsibility, including ESG initiatives. Company management updates the committee on timely issues as appropriate.

In addition, we established a cross-functional, executive-level steering committee to review our corporate responsibility strategy and initiatives. Members of this group include senior leadership from the Community Involvement, Corporate, Environmental, Human Resources, Investor Relations, Risk and Strategy departments.

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