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Innovation Center

To demonstrate our commitment as a forward-thinking electric utility, FirstEnergy established an Innovation Center in 2020 aimed at finding new solutions to core business challenges in a faster, less expensive and more scalable way—ultimately improving our service to customers, enhancing the employee experience and driving long-term growth for FirstEnergy.

The Innovation Center strives to bring new ideas to life across our business units. By harnessing the best thinking from across our company and working collaboratively with business unit leadership, the Innovation Center will use analytics to identify data-driven business solutions, apply leading-edge process automation for efficiency and leverage user-centered technology. Whether it’s developing an app, mining data or automating a process that normally took employees several days to complete, the Innovation Center will work through challenges and opportunities on a case-by-case basis, incorporating input from business units and subject matter experts to deliver streamlined solutions that benefit employees and customers.

The electric utility industry is changing along with its customers, and we need to innovate to move FirstEnergy forward. In part, the Innovation Center is designed to embed the spirit of innovation in the fabric of our company’s culture and develop a more innovative mindset across our organization. To accelerate this change, we are identifying Innovation Ambassadors from across the company who are passionate about innovation. These individuals will facilitate collaboration between the Innovation Center and our business units and help us apply more innovative ways of thinking in our operations.

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