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Corporate Policies and Practices

Our Approach

The following corporate policies and practices guide our commitment to do our best every day and support our mission to make customers’ lives brighter, the environment better and our communities stronger. We hold all members of our organization, no matter how senior the individual, accountable to upholding the same company values and standards, and we work to strengthen our policies, practices and oversight processes when needed.

Ethics and Compliance

Standards for ethical and legal behavior are set forth in our Code of Business Conduct. FirstEnergy expects all employees to conduct themselves in accordance with all laws and standards when interacting with stakeholders.

Our Employee Concerns Line ensures clear and open communication channels for ethics and compliance issues. Any employee may use the Employee Concerns Line to request assistance with ethics and compliance matters or confidentially report suspected violations of FirstEnergy ethics and business conduct standards, without fear of retribution.

Conflicts of Interest

Our Conflicts of Interest policy establishes that all FirstEnergy employees are obligated to conduct company-related business in an environment free from the influence of conflicting personal interests. Generally, a conflict of interest arises when an employee’s position or job responsibilities present an opportunity for personal gain or when personal activities and financial affairs may influence judgment or action in the performance of company duties.

Corporate Political Activity Policy

FirstEnergy’s Corporate Political Participation policy, as well as certain political activity related reports and dues/contributions, can be found here.

We have a responsibility to our shareholders, customers and employees to participate in the political process. Where appropriate, we make contributions to non-candidate state and local ballot initiatives that support our business and create value for our stakeholders.

Accordingly, our Corporate Political Participation policy describes the criteria for certain political contributions and ballot initiative expenditures made with corporate funds as well as the process for approving such contributions and expenditures.

Suppliers, Human Rights and Workforce Policies

Our Supplier Code of Conduct establishes business standards our suppliers must meet in their day‐to‐day activities. The guidelines in our Supplier Code of Conduct reinforce our expectation that suppliers use good judgment and act with integrity in their business dealings with FirstEnergy. FirstEnergy’s Position on Human Rights describes our commitment to treat our employees, customers, business partners and stakeholders with dignity and respect. FirstEnergy adheres to a set of core values and behaviors that are fundamental to achieving this mission. We also outline our commitment to ensuring our entire workforce has basic rights and freedoms in our Statement on Workforce Policies.

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