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FirstEnergy Celebrates National Pollinator WeekShare icon

We joined more than 20 other utility companies to participate in National Pollinator Week in 2019. Sponsored through the EPRI Power-in-Pollinator Initiative, the program celebrates pollinating insects and animals—and educates people on how to help protect them.

According to the Pollinator Partnership—a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and promotion of pollinators and their ecosystems—approximately 1,000 plants grown for food, beverages, fibers, spices and medicines need to be pollinated by animals and insects such as hummingbirds, bats, bees and butterflies.

To help bring attention to the importance of pollinators, we provided information for employees throughout our service area, created pollinator gardens at several company facilities, distributed wildflower seeds to our employees and posted information about Pollinator Week on our social media accounts.

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