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FirstEnergy is Adapting to Enable the Grid of the FutureShare icon

FirstEnergy customers have ever-greater expectations for reliable service and outage restoration, and increasingly advanced technology to enable their connected, mobile lifestyles. More than ever, maintaining and operating the electric grid requires sharing crucial information widely, accurately and in real time. aDAPT – Distribution Applications Powering Tomorrow – is a project aimed at modernizing how we manage our distribution grid to meet these rising expectations. 

Our aDAPT project will revitalize the core information infrastructure of our distribution systems with a next-generation Geographical Information System (GIS) and a new Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) – a single platform that integrates the legacy systems’ functions, enables current and future technology enhancements and segregates distribution SCADA from transmission SCADA capabilities. Set for completion in 2022, this new integrated GIS/ADMS will enable more automated grid operations, truly accurate visual mapping and streamlined field communications. Most important, it will help us to manage a modern, interactive distribution grid that delivers more value for our customers.

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