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Penn Power’s New Interior Substation Fencing Helps Prevent OutagesShare icon

In 2019, our Penn Power utility installed new interior fencing in two Mercer County substations to help deter climbing animals and protect against electrical equipment interference that can cause power outages. The fencing – installed inside of a substation around the perimeter of the equipment – keeps the animals out of harm's way and the electricity safely flowing to customers.

Unlike other types of animal traps and deterrents, this special fencing completely prevents climbing animals from accessing the substation equipment and discourages them from trying again. This fencing has proven to be successful for Penn Power's sister utility in Maryland – Potomac Edison – which has seen a sharp decline in substation outages caused by animals. Penn Power plans to install additional animal deterrent substation fencing at other locations in Mercer and Lawrence counties over the next five years.

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